Restructuring, or transformation, is one of the most challenging feats many companies will attempt during their life. Changing the strategic direction, internal corporate structure, business entity makeup, or lines of business can, and often will, result in resistance from within. This is where having an outside team that is hands-on can help – allowing an “expert” to come in and take the lead with the work and show results and improvement in the work environment. PBH’s staff have led major restructuring projects by driving change from within and doing the work required to accomplish objectives.


    Sudden departures, rises in business demand, special projects or other circumstances can lead to peaks and troughs in resource demand within your business. PBH has staff and professionals within its network that it can place in senior and mid-level positions within your company on short-term, contract basis.


    Raising funds successfully requires in-depth understanding of the business, comprehensive forecasted results and the ability to tie everything together into an easy to understand narrative. Choosing the type of funds your company needs is critical as well, be it a commercial bank loan, high-yield bridge loan, private placement, public fundraising or other. PBH can help analyse your business, determine the optimal capital structure and craft the story that will assist in getting the right investors onboard with you.


    When done correctly a spinoff can be a win-win situation for the parent and subsidiary entity, however the key to a successful spin off is thorough planning and a properly motivated workforce and project team. PBH can lead and motivate the teams involved in a spin off to help ensure a successful completion for all parties involved.


    An IPO is a major undertaking that requires attention to detail and proactive changes to the company’s accounting standards, internal controls, general business policies, as well as financial reporting & analysis. PBH can provide the support required to improve accounting standards, reporting quality and analysis & insight for investors.


    The combination of entities or the integration of one into another requires support on many fronts such as (a) creation of a business plan and targets to meet post-transaction (b) systems & processes integration (c) employee and key stakeholder buy-in and engagement throughout the event (d) post-transaction performance to plan and (e) fine tuning and post-transaction changes to plan. Oftentimes companies do not have the internal resources required to develop, oversee and guide teams throughout the M&A process. This is where PBH can assist – from placing staff to help support full time, to offering advisory services on an as-needed basis.


    This could mean dormancy, liquidation or dissolution. This is the last stop for many businesses, which involves serious risk and potential losses if not done properly. PBH and its staff have experience in preparing companies for dissolution performing actions like quantifying risk, selling stock, collecting money from customers, applying credit notes from vendors and working with the tax departments to settle the accounts prior to a formal closure/ striking off.


    No one knows your business better than you, but sometimes it pays to get a fresh set of eyes to look at the data and provide an outsider’s perspective on what it would take to improve the financial performance and longevity of your company. PBH has qualified & experienced professionals who have set and implemented strategies for numerous businesses across a broad range of industries throughout Asia Pacific.

10 March 2020

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