Julian Olds

Julian Olds


Originally from Bristol, England, Julian Olds is Founder of Port Bristol Holdings and has utilized PBH since 2007 as a holding company and consulting arm for his business ventures. Julian first started working in Asia in 1992, and just over 10 years later started DCM Solutions Ltd., a construction company that would later become one of the leading main contractors for high-end residential, hospitality and condominium projects in Thailand.

Julian has leveraged his understanding of operations and strategic management to grow his businesses organically, without external funding, to reach sales levels in the tens of millions of US dollars while directly employing labor and staff in excess of two thousand people. PBH became a tool Julian utilized to structure his business holdings as well as to offer the consulting services and talents of the staff he employed to outside companies looking to achieve similar results.

Julian is regularly approached for business and investment advice as well as partnership opportunities. There is no specific industry or geographic location limiting Julian’s options as he has experience working on projects throughout Asia Pacific. Currently Julian has businesses and investments in Thailand and Cambodia and is always considering expanding, or investing in new locations.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Investment Analysis
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Business Operations
  • Commercial Structuring
  • Team Management


  • Broadlands Secondary School, Bath Technical College, University of Bath

Major Achievements:

  • Built DCM into THB 1-billion-baht company with zero external funding. Gained ISO 9001:2018 and 14001:2018 accreditation.

Certificates & Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree in Construction Management

02 March 2020

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